Harrogate Gathering Winter 2016

Harrogate Winter Gathering

We have now had several IHOC Winter Gatherings and have always been fortunate to have had reasonably good weather for the time of year. This year however there were a few rather wet days but it did not prevent the owners of 27 IH vans enjoying their time at the Harrogate campsite.

There were some sunny days during the week and groups soon gathered either to admire new vans or investigate new modifications or just to talk and hear about the various trips owners have made during the year, from Ireland to Morocco.  We welcomed new owners too, meets are a good time for new owners to ask questions about aspects of ownership which have puzzled them.

The Christmas Fair was being held in the centre of Harrogate and the regular bus service only a short walk from the campsite made it easy to visit and browse the stalls there, as well as the shops in Harrogate. Not many folk came back from trips into Harrogate without carrying extra shopping bags! Sainsbury’s and the Fodder farm shop nearby provided further shopping facilities for those who needed fresh supplies.

Davis and Marian Catherall kindly made the arrangements for those who wished to share a meal at the local pub "The Traveller’s Rest" on the Monday evening. It was still raining as the group set off to walk the short distance to the pub so all were well prepared with raincoats and waterproof shoes. Our progress a few yards from the pub was swiftly halted as a torrent of water several inches deep was rushing across the path making it impossible to cross. After much discussion some set off to retrace their steps and walk the long way round via the road but a phone call to the pub soon brought some assistance  as one of the staff brought his car the few yards down and ferried the group through the torrent. It took him a few trips to get us all there and we were eventually joined by those who had opted to walk the long way round. The meal was excellent and proportions ample, well worth venturing out on such a wet evening.

The following days the weather was much improved and enabled folk to explore further using the local buses. Not everyone was able to stay for the whole six days and on the last day a few of the remaining IHers treated themselves to tea and cake at Fodders, with a chance to chat in warm surroundings.

So where to next year? Plans are already well in hand for the Spring Gathering at Scarborough and for the Peterborough and Malvern Motorhome Shows.  Suggestions for campsites suitable for group meets are always welcome so if you know of suitable sites do pass on the info. Thank you from all who attended the meet at Harrogate to Kath and Lance, Graham and Rosemary for making the arrangements this time  to enable us to camp together as a group.Thanks to Kath for the Pictures.