Peterborough 2017

Fifteen  members' units, including some new members to our rallies, camped with the iH Owners group at the Peterborough Show.  As usual the show was vast with many companies selling either motorhomes or every accessory you needed or  thought you needed, to browse over the weekend.

Spring Gathering Scarborough 2017

Spring Gathering  Scarborough 2017

Friday March 31st – Wednesday April 5th 2017

Harrogate Gathering Winter 2016

Harrogate Winter Gathering

We have now had several IHOC Winter Gatherings and have always been fortunate to have had reasonably good weather for the time of year. This year however there were a few rather wet days but it did not prevent the owners of 27 IH vans enjoying their time at the Harrogate campsite.

IHOC at the Western Motorhome Show August 2016


27 vans were booked in for this year’s IHOC Meet at the Western Motorhome show at Malvern & the weather was very kind with clear blue skies & plenty sunshine.

With an increase in numbers from recent years we were lucky to be “pitched” in an area much nearer to the show.

Rear Bodywork Cracks

There are a number of posts in the Forum re ‘cracks’ appearing in the rear bodywork of vans. We have a 2013 Oregon RL - Anniversary Edition. The Warranty expired in April 2016. We also have identified a crack, about 125mm long, situated adjacent to the rear window - drivers side. There is also a smaller crack, about 25mm long near the top above the window - also driver’s side.

Answers to Dingbats Quiz at Peterborough show (As Requested)

1. Paddington
2. Point Break
3. Red Dawn
4. Golden Eye
5. Ice Age
6. Three Men in a Boat
7. The Green Mile
8. Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels
9. Madagascar
10. Cat In The Hat
11. Reservoir Dogs
12. Moonraker
13. Famous 5
14. Watership Down
15. Eclipse
16. Scar Face
17. Ice Station Zebra
18. Mouse Trap
19. 50 Shades of grey
20. Clockwork Orange
21. Fortunes of War

IHOC at the Peterborough show

A good time was had by all, despite the very mixed weather. 


Our camping area

The sun came out

The "Dingbats" results

Spring Meet Quiz Answers (as requested)


All clues describe chocolates sweets, etc   past and present.

1.   Big Red Bus                  ...............................  DOUBLE DECKER

2.   Dining Al Fresco         ................................   PICNIC

3.   Badge of office School Crossings   .............   LOLLIPOP

Spring Gathering at South Lytchett 2016

      Twenty-seven vans attended the meet at South Lytchett Manor Camp Site overall, some coming and going during the week .
       The vans were spread out a bit  mainly due to the site being busy and the schools were still on Easter break.

Fold Down Table Leg Modification

We have been frustrated on occasion by the difficulty of using the outside table that folds down at the sliding door, so at last I have got round to modifying it. It should be noted that ours is the older type where the legs are made of tubular square section steel tube. First job was to source some tube that will fit inside the leg tube, I bought one length of 15.5 x 15.5 mm aluminium square tube 1 m long from Wickes for £7.17. Cut the tube into two 500 mm lengths.