Rear Bodywork Cracks

There are a number of posts in the Forum re ‘cracks’ appearing in the rear bodywork of vans. We have a 2013 Oregon RL - Anniversary Edition. The Warranty expired in April 2016. We also have identified a crack, about 125mm long, situated adjacent to the rear window - drivers side. There is also a smaller crack, about 25mm long near the top above the window - also driver’s side. Nothing on the nearside. I have included a picture of the larger crack and 

you may be able to see what appears to be dry rust’ signs. As you can imagine we are not best pleased at finding this, hence this Editorial. We would be interested to hear any comments from IH on this issue or Feedback from Members in a similar situation as to what IH have advised/done - or even are prepared to do? Please report back via the Forum post - IH Vans/Rear Bodywork Cracks - started by Barbara & Murray Wilson on 31.8.15.

Thank you. Mervyn & Sheila Kettle, Devon

PS ‘Watch your backs’!!!