About Us

The club was started in 2005 by Mary & Tony Sutton after they met other owners during their travels and realised how beneficial shared experiences could be. The club is independent of IH Motorcampers but enjoys the support of their staff. We are a friendly club and have informal gatherings at various locations in the U.K. These are enjoyable events during which we are able to share experiences and anecdotes. The first gathering of owners was held at Clumber Park in March 2006 when over forty IH vans and their owners attended. Now the main meet is held in spring each year at different locations in the country. Additional informal meets are held during the year and these have included such events as a painting weekend, Twinwood (Glen Miller) festival and visits to the Christmas Markets in Birmingham, Bath, Cardiff, Canterbury & Manchester. Owners also have the opportunity to meet at the Motorhome Shows by camping with the club in a special reserved camping area. Membership of the club entitles members to a discount when camping with the club at motorhome shows.

In 2012 Tony and Mary, having run the club for 8-9 years, decided it was time to hand over to someone else. At the 2012 Malvern show members met together to discuss how the club would go forward in 2013. There was a unanimous vote for the club to continue. As there was no one willing to produce a newsletter in its present format it was agreed that the club would rely on the website and emails for communication purposes. Tony and Sandra Cockell volunteered to oversee and develop a new IH owners club web site.

This was started in January 2013 and is funded and maintained by membership subscriptions.  The website allows the club to run with minimum administration.  Members are responsible for their details which are entered as they apply for membership, but can be changed by them as and when required.  Administration is automated  where ever possible.  Members are notified automatically when they log in if their yearly subscription is due and payment details are shown. An automatic email notification system has been introduced to automatically inform members of new content.  There is a discussion forum where members can share information and ideas.  The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section provides answers and information on using the site. The members only area includes an archive where all the news letters from the club starting in 2005 are available.  (lots of useful information here).

At the 2014 Malvern show the attending members discussed several points. One of which was to allow ex owners (i.e. owners that no longer owned an IH Motorhome) to remain members, or rejoin the IHOC. (This topic has also had a fair airing on the members Forum). The vote was carried unanimously. The feeling was that the friendships forged during membership of the IHOC, are more important than the vehicles in use. The home page of the web site has been amended to reflect this change.

We welcome members comments and ideas, for what should be included on the site. We need members to supply content, eg articles, etc, and also to participate in the Forum. Volunteers are also needed to help organise and marshall events.

This is a members club and all members are invited to get involved. This club will ultimately be what we, the members make it.  Your help is needed.  At present Kath Conlon is the membership administrator & Graham and Rosemary Thompson liaise with Warners regarding the Motorhome shows but the more people that get involved the better..