Covid19 Excursion

June 9th and ten weeks into enforced ‘Covid’ lockdown. How we all must be missing our travels.

Earlier this week we took the opportunity following further relaxations in ‘lockdown rules’ to give the van a day out and in doing so charge both ‘Graham’s’ batteries and our own.

So picnic packed, WC fully charged (yes we take our own of course – unlike many people recently both local and visitors) and off the 13 miles to Slapton Sands in SE Devon.

IHOC Meet at Pontcanna Fields Cardiff

IHOC Meet at Pontcanna Fields Cardiff

Malvern 2019

Ray and Judy, Lance and Kath were our marshals who had laid out the spacious IHOC area for the 24 vans and Martin's caravan on the well fertilised field!

The Norfolk Motorhome Show Meet July 2019

To book a IHOC camping area at Warner's shows, there has to be at least 5 units booked & a marshall appointed. At the eleventh hour, 6 units were booked for the Norfolk show & Graham Thompson volunteered to act as the marshall so that the Meet could go ahead.

Being a small meet it was ideal for new members Rob & Iris to get ideas from other members such as "What do you keep in your boot?"

Peterborough Show April 2019


Peterborough show is not renowned for dry weather!


7 vans were due to arrive & it was dry!


Crowborough Spring 2019

IHOC Spring Meet 2019

John Holt, a thank you.

Ann has asked me to put the following message on the website:-

Oswestry Winter 2018

IHOC Winter Meet Oswestry 2018

The success of any IHOC Meet depends on three essentials, volunteer organisers, a good campsite location and enthusiastic participants. The Camping and Caravanning camp site at Oswestry had excellent facilities including a heated meeting room; the site was in an attractive setting with pleasant walks and cycle rides from site and it had nearby bus stops with regular buses every hour to nearby towns.