Covid19 Excursion

June 9th and ten weeks into enforced ‘Covid’ lockdown. How we all must be missing our travels.

Earlier this week we took the opportunity following further relaxations in ‘lockdown rules’ to give the van a day out and in doing so charge both ‘Graham’s’ batteries and our own.

So picnic packed, WC fully charged (yes we take our own of course – unlike many people recently both local and visitors) and off the 13 miles to Slapton Sands in SE Devon.

Prior to leaving we thought it prudent to take some ‘defensive tactics’ in light of the fact that camper vans have been receiving bad press locally, hence …….

We sat near the beach for two hours and although it was not over busy there were several people around. One couple walked past the van and we overheard them saying about camper vans visiting so we ‘politely’ drew their attention to the fact that we are ‘locals’ - and indeed have indicated so on our van!

Another couple found the sign quite amusing. The rest of the day went without incident and we returned home all ‘fully charged’!!

It's good to get out and fortunately having the van on the drive means we can do that on a regular basis, even if it is only to take coffee onboard - on the drive!!!

Hope this finds everybody well - but don't get too complacent!


Sheila and Mervyn Kettle