Malvern 2019

Ray and Judy, Lance and Kath were our marshals who had laid out the spacious IHOC area for the 24 vans and Martin's caravan on the well fertilised field!

There was a warm welcome gathering on Thursday afternoon with drinks and snacks appreciated by all on a sunny afternoon.  Saturday’s get together was equally sociable. Charles treated us all to some perfectly cooked fish served by his able assistant Jen. Many members were grateful for the friendly expert help given by Martin of IH in sorting out their various problems.

We hosted many visitors ......some admiring the vans....some visiting friends..long Time members.....Margaret and Horace spent  time reminiscing with us.

The annual paper airplane competition attracted a lot of skills and brawn were put to good use!   Mark’s plane flew the farthest in the turbulent conditions!

Four people won prizes in the competition to guess names of musical movies or plays which had been illustrated on each van. A popular quiz choice.

There are three  venues  for evening music which some people attend. On Saturday night the special concert  featuring the Dixie Divas and a John Denver impersonator was much appreciated.

The IH gang who had worked so hard at the show paid a visit to our site and visited with the owners.

The Sunday morning church service in the big hall featured even more great music from the Hope Country Gospel Band.

Farewell coffee morning on Sunday was also an early birthday party for Neville. Good wishes were offered and cake was shared!

The Malvern show is always a time for visiting, comparing experiences and socialising.  Children, dogs and members old and new had a wonderful time.
Thanks to all who made our weekend such fun.

                Photographs by Kath Conlon             Article by Lyn Pither