Malvern 2021

Malvern Motorhome Show

August 2021

August 19th had been highlighted in our diary for quite a few weeks and we are sure other members beside ourselves were looking forward to meeting with ih friends again and greeting new members, after a very long time gap, the result of Covid restrictions . As it was also the first time many of us were going to be camping with other motorhomers we were all fairly cautious but our ih group were well spaced in a great area away from the main public area. All well laid out by our marshals on Wednesday, Graham and Rosemary ably assisted by Kath and Lance as nearly 30 units were booked in our special ih camping area. ihoc members from all over the UK including Scotland, Wales  and the South-west arrived on the Thursday or Friday.

The marshals arranged a get together on the first day at 4:30pm so we could begin to meet new members and share some of our recent experiences and camping trips, (all because of Covid rules), in the UK of course! As well as enjoying a glass of wine or two, time moved on so did members returning to their vans or demonstrating their latest modifications to others.

Friday, the weather was kind to us and enabled us to walk to the showground to visit some of the many stalls on site and of course checking out the latest ih vans on their stand. The area was busy with folk including visitors who came as day visitors. Some of the stalls usually onsite were not there this year but there were some new ones. Personally we did not find it a relaxing experience as we were not used to being near large numbers of people so were pleased to return to the calm relaxed ihoc camping area.

The dry weather was an asset on the Friday as it enabled us to chat to different members, solve a few awning challenges as well as begin to attempt the pub quiz the marshals had given us. Each van was asked to display an illustration of a pub name; this not only challenged our thinking skills but our artistic skills too. A group meet at five o clock not just to have a glass of wine and chat this time but also to find a winner of the paper plane competition. Jim Cowan won the prize of the most attractive looking paper plane and Mick Longhurst won the flight competition. Um, there were a few frustrated model makers as the Beaufort scale did nothing to assist the flight.

The weather on the Saturday was not quite what we would have liked but there were a few short spells of dry weather enabling a few ihers to dash to the show or wander around the vans puzzling further over the pub clues. One item missing from the show this year was the Indian section in the Western camping area. The “Cowboy” section was set up with their interesting tents, wagons, equipment and costumes. The area was open to visitors and whilst chatting to one of their members we learnt that the Indian group had now established itself separately and was no longer displaying at Malvern. So a little of the usual western atmosphere was absent.

On Friday evening Martin from ih arrived and camped in our area and on the Saturday he visited several owners who had problems or queries with their vans and he either gave advice or was able to use his skills to fix their problem. In the evening the ih staff group came to our camping area, by this time the sun was shining so they were able to wander around our section and chat to various members before they left to enjoy a meal together after what must have been a very busy day for them all. A few of our group set off each evening to walk to the various free music entertainment venues or visit friends who were camping in different areas.

The last full day and sunshine! A few owners wandered back to the display area but the sunshine encouraged others to explore the local area. The prize has to be awarded to Jen Deverill who on Sunday afternoon walked from our site to the top of the Malvern Hills! Some others (including ourselves) kept to lower levels and investigated the footpaths which were closer to the site. Our last “gathering” was on the Sunday afternoon when the results of the two quizzes were revealed. The Pub Quiz was won by Pete and Pauline Ford, well deserved as no internet researching could give you any assistance. The General Knowledge quiz was not an easy one but we have some honest members who admitted they had searched the internet for answers. The prize was eventually awarded to Cathie and Jim Cowan for Google free answers. Thank to Helen and James de Sallis for organising these for us.

At our last gathering we thanked Rosemary and Graham, Kath and Lance for being such attentive and supportive marshals. Graham has for several years been the ihoc link to the Warners Motorhome Show and any other meets we have arranged. Graham announced that he wished to “retire” from this post and requested that another ihoc member would volunteer to take on this task in future. Many thanks from all our members Graham for your contribution to keeping the ihoc group active and supportive for fellow ih owners.

We all appreciated our time away camping with ihers and hopefully we will soon be able to meet up again at another venue. Any such meet will be announced on the ihoc website. In the meantime we hope you all have the opportunity for time away enjoying your ih vans.

Written by Mary & Tony Sutton with photographs contributed by Kath Conlon.