Malvern Motorhome Show 2017

This year at Malvern the IHOC was well represented with 28 vans gathering on our allotted area which had been well marked out by our marshals Trevor and Margaret Plibeam who worked very hard during the four days to ensure that all members,  including several owners who were joining the group for the first time, had an enjoyable time. Our area, although a little further from the main exhibition area than in  previous years, provided us with an area in which we could socialise with each other easily. Especially appreciated for our Wine and Nibbles session on the Friday afternoon.






In spite of a few rain showers during the four days we all managed to tour the exhibition area without getting too wet. This year there did seem to be fewer “must have items” on offer and quite a few owners came away having not added any extra items to their vans. The Malvern Show always has plenty of entertainment for visitors including the Cowboys’ and Indians’ temporary villages with their traditional huts, tents and equipment.

This year the evening entertainment was provided in three different venues so plenty of choice with John Denver’s songs and music performed by Steve Cherelle and later Dolly Parton’s music being performed at the booked Saturday evening concert. Line dancing was available in the late afternoons for the more energetic ones in the group. Most members were content in their spare time to catch up with each other’s travels and news and explore the local area on foot. A few more energetic members of the group climbed to the top of the hills behind us and viewed the site from above.

This year some children joined their grandparents who were camping with the IHOC and as well as enjoying the various activities arranged on the showground were keen enthusiasts for all the challenges given by our marshals. Charles Devrill, a keen fisherman is often found making new flies for his next fishing trip during quiet moments on site and this time had eager pupils.

One of the advantages of meeting other IHers is to pick up tips and this meet’s “Hot Tip” was from Mavis Bird who had discovered an excellent way to prevent the van scuttle becoming blocked. Mavis had used a flat scouring pad to cover the hole and this effectively traps all those odd leaves and seeds which so easily get washed into the narrow space and then block the drain tube. These rectangular flat  pads are easily purchased for example we bought ours from Poundland, 10 for £1 and copied the idea straight away.

Margaret and Trevor had been busy and gave each van four challenges,

  1. Make a paper aeroplane from a sheet of A4 paper, then fly it to find out whose plane would travel the greatest distance. The windy weather conditions added an element of chance but Eric Saxebly-Roberts won the final race.
  2. We were each given the name of a TV programme and asked to draw a clue and display it in the window of our van. A test not only of our drawing skills but also of our powers of deduction. Eric and Joan Saxelby Roberts managed to solve almost all of the clues due to our groups drawing skills or perhaps their misspent youth watching too much television?
  3. Recognising car logos was the next challenge and there were two winners for this, Mark and Jane Kenworthy and Barry and Rosemary Rosedale.
  4. The fourth challenge really was a challenge “The IH Quiz”, all the answers were a four letter word either beginning with i or h, 40 questions in total. This was won by Keith and Yvonne Fowkes.

Although we are an informal club when we gather together at Malvern we take the opportunity to discuss plans for the following year and discuss any issues about the club. This year there were several suggestions for meets in 2018. Which were then voted on by those present, Jim and Cathie Cowan volunteered to organise a Spring Meet in Scotland sometime in April 2018. Trevor and Margaret Pilbeam volunteered to investigate a site for the Glastonbury Carnival in November 2018. Graham Thompson will confirm bookings for the Warners shows, marshals have been nominated for Peterborough and Malvern. Marshals are required for all the other shows if we wish to have a designated IHOC area. Full information for all these events will be posted on the IHOC website when details are confirmed.

Several suggestions were also made for other suitable sites and these will be investigated. If we plot the places so far used for IHOC meets on a map of the UK there are still some areas that we have not visited, so if you have any suggestions for suitable sites please come forward. Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time and effort for the benefit of the IHOC members.

Mary & Tony Sutton